Ed Tech Connect

Teachers, how can technology help you in your classrooms?
Where have you found limitations or frustrations?
Technologists, would you like to hear from educators on how to create better tech tools (VR,AR,WEB, 360 cameras, etc) and content for learning?

We want to hear from YOU!

EdTechConnect is a FREE event that will help connect educators and schools to the latest innovative technology.
Both Brightcove and Ricoh Theta cameras have supported our efforts in producing this event.

When? JUNE 30th 6-9pm
Where? Brightcove 149 9th Street #300, San Francisco, CA
Why? To better integrate technology into schools and classrooms

This event will include: guest speakers, workshop of ideas and activities, demos (virtual reality, web apps, etc.), food and drinks!
Demos include:Lucidcam, Brightcove, Ricoh Theta, Game Hearts and more.

Schedule: (Bring a laptop for Workshop #2, optional for Workshop #1)
6:00 Event Start Time
6:00 - 6:30 Networking, Mix and Mingle, Demos
6:30 - 7:45 Interactive Activity Introduction and Workshops (Kieran Farr of Brightcove will speak about Web VR)
7:45 - 8:00 Interactive Activity, Follow Up / Recap
8:30-9:00 Networking, Mix and Mingle, Demos
Two different activities will be held during the Workshop time:
Workshop #1- Creating Mock Lesson Plans Using Innovative Tech-tech tools will be provided and you will be divided into teams to create lessons and solutions in one of four differing subjects, such as: math, ela, science, and history.
Workshop #2- A-FRAME visual coding program with Kieran Farr- This break out group will learn to use the program A-Frame and test out ideas that can work in educational settings. (Will need laptop for this workshop)

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