Feel the Power: Present at Cool Tools!

Over the last few weeks, the EBCUE board has been reaching out to people we think would make great presenters at Cool Tools. Something I've heard again and again:

"Who, me? Do you really think people would want to hear from me?"

Yes! One of the best elements of Cool Tools is that it is a locally organized event, for teachers by teachers. The presenters are all local, practicing educators. We really do think there's no better "expert" to hear from than a passionate colleague. That's why we want you.

You can do it! What does it take to present at Cool Tools?

  1. An Idea: What tool, project, or lesson has helped you as a teacher or admin?
  2. A Demo: How can you illustrate how the tool, project, or lesson has impacted your classroom?
  3. A Lesson: How can you prepare other educators to implement for themselves?

That's it!

Besides, helping us put on a great event, providing opportunities for our teachers to shine is also an important part of our mission. Every year, we nominate educators from the East Bay for CUE awards. This is one way we make change; by bringing recognition to the teachers, admins, and coaches who share our vision for education. Finding and supporting presenters at Cool Tools also serves that mission. For the EBCUE board, Cool Tools is a two for one deal: we develop teachers through great learning experiences, and develop leaders through presenting.


Any teacher knows that students deepen their learning by sharing what they've learned. When we help an educator become a presenter, we give them a chance to dive deeper and become an expert. Teaching your peers is also an empowering experience. So many of the best educators don't even see that they're doing something special. We want you to know how amazing and special you really are!

In short: feel the power! Learn more! Present at Cool Tools!

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