Guide for EBCUE Authors

This page describes some customizations to this site for authors. Authors or editors on the site should review these to know how things work!

Post Settings

How to use post settings (the gears in the edit page)

Post Images

Unlike images in your post, the "post image" in settings will fill the page window. Images used there should be at least 800 pixels wide, or they will appear pixelated at full screen.


Feel free to add any tags you feel are useful for your post. There are a few special tags you should be aware of:

  • EBCUE Events
  • Newsletters

Using either of these will display your posts on the pages linked in the navigation, rather than on the main blog stream.

"Turn this post into a static page"

Selecting this option in Post Settings will hide your post from the main blog stream. It will only be accessible by navigation, which has to be added manually (by an Editor). This should only be used for highly important pages: Cool Tools, major events, etc.

"Feature this post"

This setting does nothing with our current theme, Interphase.

Special Pages

The page "Updcoming Events" will show on the home page as the "upcoming events" sidebar. The page "Board of Directors" will show on the home page in the board sidebar.