Tool Talk: Voxer

Voxer is a voice messaging app. It works a little bit like a walkie talkie, in that you speak into your phone and send a voice message to an individual or group. Messages play instantly if the chat is open, or can be replayed later. You can also send texts, images, and gifs, etc.


Michael Dreyfus-Pai | Director of Ed Tech

As a Tech Director at the district level, I find Voxer useful for communicating with school site staff. I set up a group for our Tech Coordinators. It's a way for them to ask questions of each other, like our email group, but much faster! I also like that it's much more casual than email; hearing each other's voices and laughing together really builds comraderie with folks across the Diocese.

Karen McMillan | Tech Coordinator

As a teacher I set up a class group in Voxer. Students used their phones or 1:1 iPads to message each other and ask questions about their homework or other projects. I could listen in on all the messages, but the students were the ones supporting each other. Besides providing quick support, the students had no excuses for misunderstanding their assignments!

Lisa DeLapo | Director of Technology

I love using Voxer to communicate to other administrators, teachers, and friends. I talk to a small, tight-knit group that met at Google Teacher Academy almost every day. I also have groups of principals and other educational leaders that share info with me daily. It makes my commute to and from work productive too!