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Doug Prouty Grant Now Open

Doug Prouty Grant applications are now closed.

Deadline: February 28, 2014 at 11:59pm

2013 Doug Prouty Classroom Grant Winners

Doug Prouty
The EBCUE Board of  Directors is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 Doug Prouty Classroom Grant. WANT TO APPLY FOR A 2014 GRANT? VISIT THE DOUG PROUTY GRANT APPLICATION PAGE.

Nancy Ely (Alameda - Wood Middle School)
Wood Middle School is a Title I school with 65% of the students eligible for assistance. This project builds on a successful after school program for students focused on creating animations and repairing/refurbishing donated computers. Through this grant, the students will design and build programmable robots using the new LEGO EV3 platform. This robotics curriculum will offer an open-ended, problem-solving approach to engage students in learning science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and encourage them to use communication skills, gain confidence, and work collaboratively in teams.

Kirsten Hansen-Aliamus (San Ramon - Walt Disney Elementary School)
The objective of this project is to expand children’s ability to compose different kinds of writing aligned with the Common Core Standards using iPad minis and Wixie, a cloud based tool to engage children in reading and writing. Kindergarten students will be able to respond critically to stories by drawing pictures, writing, and recording narration. They will be able to draw and write opinions on informative and explanatory texts.

Kari Stewart (Walnut Creek - Walnut Creek Intermediate School)
This project immerses students in research, problem solving, and real-world learning using Chromebooks. Students research local flora or fauna, distinguish among contrasting characteristics and create a dichotomous key using Google Maps. Then, they connect the map with environmental issues relevant to the San Francisco Bay Area, human impact on the environment, and conservation.

Cool Tools 2014

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David Malone
Congratulations to EBCUE Board member David Malone on winning election to the CUE Board. David is an outstanding addition . Thank you to all EBCUE affiliate members who cast their votes

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